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"The folks at mattress cleaning Calgary did everything they could to ensure we were happy with the results. Pet stains were lifted off my mattress. I would recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances. Well done!"

Mandy T. (Calgary)
“I was pleasantly surprised at the blood stain removal your technician did. Although the spot was extensive, your team was efficient and did a terrific job. Thank you for a job well done.”

Jessie A. (Airdrie.)
“My mattress cleaning was awesome and odor free! Who knew feminine blood stains could be removed from a white mattress, one week has passed and the spots are still gone.Yeah!”

Roselle Boyle. (High River.)
“I would like to thank Mattress Cleaning Calgary for the wonderful job the technician did on cleaning my 4 mattresses in our home. Give them a call and get your mattress spruced up! Cheers!”

Colleen Mackie. (Royal Oak.)
“Fantastic Results, above all, I appreciated the fact that you booked me at the last minute; my mattress looks great. I really thought I'd have to replace them as they were so stained from our cat urine, I would suggest your services without pause to any prospective customer.”

Smith R. (Sherwood Nw.)
We are very thrilled with Mattress Cleaning Calgary, they’ve done a great job for us; I wouldn’t hesitate to call them back if I needed to. Extraordinary!”


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